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What is IDP

IDP (Intrusion Detection and Prevention) provides the capability of both detecting and protecting against security threats. It is the latest technology of its kind.

Different Between IDS & IDP

IDS (Intrusion Detection System) monitors abnormal network traffic pattern and reports suspicious packets, however it is unable to stop malicious attacks. It is only able to report such attacks to administrators via email or a monitoring interface. IDP (Intrusion Detection and Protection) is a new technology introduced to be more proactive by stopping the malicious attacks.

The industry has classified IDP as an intelligent safe-guard product, some also call it IPS (Intrusion Prevention System). There are many products available in the market that provides firewall, VPN and IDS capability. For example, the IDS functionality can be activated on the firewall so that it detects and stops DoS.

Also, IDP is intelligent because it is able to learn and adapt. We can update its database so it protects against even the latest security threats proactively and accurately.

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