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What is Quality of Service (QoS)

Quality of Service (QoS) provides a stable and predictable data transmission service that satisfies different applicationsˇ¦ requirement. Although it doesnˇ¦t create a new or larger bandwidth, it relies on the requirement of application or the network management settings to provide manageable bandwidth to users.

What was the problem with network transmission service in the past?

IP (Internet Protocol) was designed to provide network transmission service from point to point. It is used on OSI Layer 4 and above, such as TCP to acknowledge the recipient of data packets. However it does not provide the protection of bandwidth, it is simply a ˇ§best effortˇ¨ try-its-best solution. This is acceptable for transmission such as Web, Email and FTP as the delay is hardly noticeable, but not for ERP, E-Commerce, VoIP, VoD or any other service that require a more instant transmission.

Why QoS?

Network bandwidth is never enough when dealing with multimedia transmission, large file downloads etc. It is not justifiable to increase bandwidth just because important data are queuing behind the less important ones and cannot be transferred on time.

Benefits of QoS

Traffic Shaping, Queuing, Policy Management or queuing type products may increase the efficiency of the network. However it does not guarantee a consistent response time for important network services. QoS has this ability to optimize the bandwidth, and provide manageability of network traffic.

How do you choose a QoS product?

If the QoS equipment hung for any reason, it should have the intelligent to allow data to continue being transferred, even though QoS functionality is lost. Also, a QoS equipment should not require reconfigurations of usersˇ¦ computers or routers.

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